20,000 Marks

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we recently had an art project for Design Principles in which we had to create an entire composition from scratch using a single symbol drawn 20,000 times with a Sharpie. Each symbol was supposed to take ~2 seconds to draw. Do the math and that’s a 12-hour project. Blech. Besides feeling constantly high on sharpie fumes and getting no sleep a number of nights, it was also pretty hard (see what I did there with that sarcasm? haha).

Well the project’s over now, and I’m generally pleased with what I did! If nothing else I’m happy it’s over. If any of you follow me on Twitter you may have gotten some updates late into the night a week ago regarding my progresses. I figured I’d show them here, though! Below you can see the original photoshopped image I wanted to recreate.

epic space battle mashed-up from probably 10 different pictures around the webz

And now here below you can see the timeline of where I was at whatever time and such stuffs… (obviously click to enlarge each picture)

Day/Night 1:

12:15 1:15 AM 2:15 AM 3:15 AM 4:23 AM

Day/Night 2:

1:58 AM 4:00 AM 4:40 AM Pretty final, 5:55 AM

Now of course I spent much more time than just these two nights on the project, these are just the only ones I chronicled so the only ones I can show. I did enjoy the Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the later pictures, if you were wondering. You can clearly tell I was really distracted and falling asleep as the second night went on, but most of that night was filling stuff in and more shading. I don’t really like the city scene below so much. It looks similar to the original picture, however in just a b&w shading image it doesn’t carry over as well, and it is kinda weird architecture to begin with. In fact, a few people were confused as to whether it was a city, which I can completely understand.

However, I feel like it turned out pretty well, especially in light of the fact I am absolutely terrible at drawing. I’m really bad it. So this was pretty good for me :-) Plus, as the student who critiqued my project pointed out: “It’s obviously Star Trek, which makes it awesome!”

Compare –> <-- Compare

Happy Trails,

4 responses to “20,000 Marks”

  1. grace says:

    hey it looks really good sam! nice job!

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  3. Austin J says:

    so freaking cool. i love the final product. but i have to doubt the fact that you’re bad at drawing, because i’m in the same boat, and i don’t think i could do that

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