Samuel Michaels AKA newfoundmemories122 — 1

Watch the video below. Make sure it says 480p and not 360p on the video for Hi-Def. Watch High-Def for better viewing. Or simply click here to watch in Hi-Def directly on the video page.

Dear Reader,

It always starts off seeming normal. Whether you realize it now, this video is important to understand everything else that happened. I will be uploading the other important video blog posts in the coming weeks. These are RARE videos!

I am also in possession of some of the footage from Michaels’ personal DV camcorder showing everything he experienced after March 23, 2009. I will upload it soon as well. The DV footage (to my knowledge) has never been leaked online.

Digital Story: Important Info

The following is important information for you all dealing with my digital story. Seriously, read this or you might get confused:

As most of you know, I had originally chosen to do my mandatory digital story this semester based off the best show in all of ever, LOST. I had two great ideas, unfortunately both of these ideas have fallen through. While I hinted at this in an earlier post, it is now official. :-( Not to worry, though, because I already am in production of a different non-LOST-related story for my blog. Though admittedly the way I want to tell to story is very LOST-esque, including hiding clues within the videos, and great foreshadowing (which LOST excels at!)

You need to know: a post which is part of the digital story will have a title starting with “Samuel Michaels …”. You can also view only posts relating to the story by keeping an eye on this page (link: The first part will be up before 11 tonight. I can’t reveal too much, though I can tell you that it’s a drama series composed mainly of videos.

As you will be able to tell from the first video, an unidentified person will be uploading a series of videos to their account over the next few weeks. The videos are from a video blog series by “Samuel Michaels” (aka user newfoundmemories122) which was originally posted in early March 2009. These videos are only copies of the originals which “The Uploader” managed to saved before they were taken down. “The Uploader” is also somehow in possession of Michaels’s personal dv camcorder, and will be uploading videos from it as well.

These videos start off normal. But there is something weird about them, not the least of which being that the originals were taken down by direct request from a company named “Burke Pharmaceuticals”. Why would they take them down? What is it about Michaels which makes him so important? But I have already said too much…

More to come,


E Market Street – The Google Street View Story

Well it’s finally uploaded! What, you ask? Well my latest assignment for Digital Storytelling, of course! What else could it possibly be?

Sorry for the delay, I have been having some major issues uploading files online, especially to YouTube. It’s the fault of the internet in our dorm, though, not Google. The files take forever to upload, and the internet always cuts out before it completes entirely. But enough complaining…

The assignment deals with a new and interesting type of storytelling, one which actually takes the listener to the location of the story to hear it. This story is told using the incredibly cool and possibly outstandingly invasive Google Maps feature known as “street view”. We had to take the viewer on a tour of some place in Google Street View and tell a story about that place. I chose to talk about East Market Street in my hometown of Leesburg, VA. Enjoy listening about some of the cool things that exist on this street! Watch it below, comment, rate, etc. por favor!

Happy Trails,

TDT LOST Podcast – Recap Episode 6.09 Ab Aeterno

Listen above or download from here (right-click, save as). The podcast is up on iTunes, so be sure to subscribe! PLEASE! :-)

In this week’s episode we talk about:

  • Review of the episode


  1. Talk about many theories
  2. Richard (or rather Ricardo)
  3. The MIB’s known history
  4. Not caring about Illana
  5. References to Hell
  6. The remaining mysteries
  7. And MORE!!!

Happy Trails,

PS — Been having some major problems with uploading from the network in my dorm, especially to YouTube. Stay tuned!

Violent Blue: the long awaited band! Also an educational video.

We are a very ambitious bunch. We meaning: Will McCarry, Billy Bacci, Jimmy McGrath, and myself. Collectively, we have been part of five separate bands over the last four years, not to mention our own personal side-projects. But all that has finally come together. We have finally settled on the name ‘Violent Blue‘. Not only that, but we also have our first song up over on our Facebook page to prove it! Titled “Polaroid” it’s the first track we’ve released off our upcoming Yeah. Right. EP. Go check it out, become a fan, and give us your thoughts!

Some readers may remember that we were running under the tentative band name “Chasing Lilly” for the past few months. In fact, that’s the reason this site is named what it is (despite being a cool LOST reference, of course). We’ll get the EP out sometime this summer, and expect us to be playing some shows as well. We’ll keep ya posted!

So far we only have a Facebook page, but we’ll be getting a Myspace music page up soon as well. Jimmy was cool enough to make a video for the Polaroid song using pictures from our travels over the past year. Clever… using pictures to show a song titled “Polaroid”… intentional? Probably not. Ah well, check that out below as well:

In other news, we had to make a short educational video this week for Digital Storytelling class using only free-to-use videos from the Prelinger archive on the Internet Archive. We chose the topic of “phishing” and agreed that my group would write a short script and record voice-overs, and I would edit the whole film together. The video below is the culmination of this effort. You’ll notice the voice overs are rather blown out volume-wise, but the bad audio, combined with the guys at times funny-sounding voice I figured were worth keeping and funny by itself. Enjoy:

You may be wondering where my digital story is? You know, that one about me being a character from LOST actually in the show blogging about it? Along with video? Well I’ve run into some big roadblocks with that idea, and may be forced to take up my secondary idea. Don’t worry, it still deals with LOST, just not in the same way. We’ll see, though. Keep watching the blog.

Lastly, we’d like to apologize for not being able to upload last week’s Dark Territory LOST Podcast. For those three of you who listen to it, we are sorry. 😛 If it will allow us to without problems, we’ll sill try uploading it. We’ll also have a podcast for this week’s Richard Alpert-centric LOST episode, “Ab Aeterno” (which means “from the beginning” or “from eternity” in Latin). That’s all for now!

Happy Trails,

Recording, editing, hosting, and syndicating a podcast… for FREE!

This post is a few days late, but it is here none the less! With such a specific title, there’s not much to explain in this post other than that I did another screencast tutorial. Although a few things have already been shown in class, it is worth going over again. Pretty much what you will learn is the basics of how I record audio from Skype, edit it in Audacity, and host it, all for our weekly LOST podcast.

I do have to apologize for the seeming quickness of the tutorial, YouTube now only allows 10 minute videos so I had to be fast. Also for the general annoyingness of my voice in a few segments. Enjoy, though! Rate it, leave some comments, etc!

Websites used:

Other tutorial page:

Skype recorder used: Pamela Call Recorder

Internet Archive:



The Dark Territory LOST Podcast:

Happy Trails and Namaste,


TDT LOST Podcast – Recap Episode 6.07 Dr. Linus

Listen above or download from here (right-click, save as). The podcast is up on iTunes, so be sure to subscribe! PLEASE! :-)

In this week’s episode we talk about:

  • Review of the episode in general (duh!)


  1. The fact that we love seeing old characters again (eg. Doc Arzt, Alex, etc.)
  2. The stark differences in how Jacob and the MIB seem to be gaining followers
  3. Richard. Jack. Hurley. In the Black Rock. With lit dynamite. Need I say more?
  4. Why the bomb didn’t go off for Jack, yet did for Juliet
  5. Why is Ben off the island?
  6. Why is Alex off the Island?
  7. Taking over the school
  8. Ben is finally redeemed!
  9. So… the bomb must not have blown up the Island.
  10. At what point does history change?


  1. TOP-NOTCH impersonations of Widmore and Ben!!
  2. And, of course, THEORIES!

Notice something missing? Like… a podcast for last week’s episode, Sundown? Due to difficulties beyond this lowly LOST blogger’s control, it doesn’t exist. And to upload it now, over a week late, would just be pointless. But feel free to check out and download this one!

Once again another amazing episode from the final season of the greatest show in television history! Any thoughts or comments? Then just stick em down there below this post! Keep checking the blog for more podcasts and info as well.

Yo. Sam out.

TDT LOST Podcast – Recap Episode 6.05 The Lighthouse

Listen above or download from here (right-click, save as). The podcast is up on iTunes, so be sure to subscribe!

In this week’s episode we talk about:

  • Review of the episode


  1. Jack’s scar and differences in the timelines
  2. Kate’s extremely terrible scene
  3. The Lighthouse itself
  4. How the mirrors work, who is 108? Who’s being “brought” to the Island? Desmond?
  5. Jack finally starting to figure things out (smiley face)
  6. The MIB and Christian are possibly not the same entity
  7. The temple to be attacked?

Loved this week’s episode! Sorry for the posting delay, guys. This is the first podcast this season that Will and I have done together in the same room on the same mic, so enjoy the better sound quality. Note: we did record this at 2 AM so please forgive and tiredness in our voices. Be sure to keep checking the blog for more podcasts and info!

Happy Trails and Namaste,