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The Official IBU Review Board Reviews Hellogoodbye (Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!)

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“Eh? Hm? Reviewing? Why?” <-- If those are your thoughts, click here to find out wat B goin' on here. (yeahh, that rhymes!)

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Top hated list – revision 2

My previous two iterations of top hated lists once again proved to be insufficient when faced with the reality of our modern culture. This may seem surprising, as both my first and second sets of top hated lists were pretty thorough. Alas, here is the revised list of all things existing in our three-dimensional universe which are hated

10. post-kitten stage fat cats

9. Star Trek haters

8. Katy Perry (excpet in the California Girls video)

7. Eragon the movie

6. people who destroy guitars on stage or in music videos.

5. Carbon Monoxide

4. Wesley Crusher

3. “friends” (with purposeful quotation marks)

2. you

1. bananas

Some interesting things to note about this newest iteration: Wesley Crusher has rightfully taken the place of “terrorists” from the last list. Also bananas made a comeback, as I remembered once again why they are the most vile, detestable things on earth. PS — I don’t actually hate you depending on who you are :-) jk of course

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New J.J. Abrams show with Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson coming to NBC!!

SO. MUCH. EXCITEMENT! I just read about this, and I couldn’t help but write something about how awesome this is. Basically Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn (Ben and Locke from LOST, respectively) are not only reuniting for a new series, but it’s being helmed by J.J. Abrams himself! Gah, that’s stupid sweet! Read more about it over at the previous link or at Entertainment Weekly.

The show is tentatively named “Odd Jobs” and will follow two ex-black-ops cops (O’Quinn and Emerson). They are two of the best actors on television (don’t deny it, their awards speak for themselves!) and it’s great they’re receiving the recognition they deserve and getting a high-budget show written for them as actors. Emerson had become good friends with O’Quinn on the set of LOST, and watching them mess around behind the scenes was always fun. When questioned about the new series, Emerson said:

“I really am AMAZED that what started out as some kidding-around on the set of LOST has turned into a network TV reality! I’m still reeling from this sudden turn of events. I’m an actor who has never even succeeded in testing for a pilot and here I find myself involved in a project custom-built for Terry and me! Can’t tell you how thrilling it is to be part of the Bad Robot family and enter into this exciting collaboration with Warner Brothers and NBC! Have we ARRIVED or what?! But best of all will be that day when Terry and I show up on the set of a brand new show, look around, shrug our shoulders and say “Let’s get started!” My fingers are crossed! (Did I use enough exclamation points? Ha!)” – via EW

According to trustworthy officials at, this is the tentative artwork for the series!

ABC and NBC had a pretty intense bid competition for the new show, but in the end NBC got it. I’m actually kinda happy for this. It would seem like too much of a LOST copy if suddenly ABC had a new J.J. Abrams show with the same cast members and everything. Which is why I agree with the EW article that I don’t want the two actors to reprise their roles. However, I don’t know if the show should be a comedy. Buuut… who am I to say? I’ve never seen either of them in a comedic setting, so they might be great!

This is just great. I’d heard rumors the two actors would get back together in a project again soon. Apparently O’Quinn talked about it even while on the set of LOST for the entire last season. I remember hearing reports the two were headed to TNT for some drama, but this is the best it could have been in my opinion.

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A symbolic project

This first project in my art class this semester is a sharpie symbol drawing. Now what is that? Basically, we have to create a composition, then draw the entire picture on a big piece of paper using 20,000 iterations of only one small symbol. No actual lines or shading, all has to be done with the sharpie symbols. It’s basically one of those dot drawing but with symbols but takes even longer… yeahh you get the point.

Earlier in the semester, one of our assignments was to write down 100 things we wanted to do before we die. For this assignment we were supposed to draw something inspired by the list. Anyways I made up a few mock-compositions just to see which one I (and the teacher, more importantly) liked the most. Don’t worry, I won’t scar you by showing you them. Long story short he really liked a little funny composition I had drawn of a made-up space battle from Star Trek. Yeah, I mean it’s a “made-up” battle in regards to the actual ones that happened within the series.
So I went to work, first deciding to take it a step further and create a mock-up design of what I wanted it to eventually look like in Photoshop.

epic space battle mashed-up from probably 10 different pictures around the webz

My ulterior motives for this were that in Photoshop, you can use the graphic pen filter to turn your picture into a b&w image shaded only by little black marks, which is exactly what I’ll have to do on the eventual sheet of paper. This was super helpful in getting the shading right.

Eventual output after more editing, color correction, and graphic pen filter

As you can see, the above image isn’t perfect, but it’s helpful. It’s also been suggested that I take out the beam of light coming from the city. I think I will probably end up doing that. While the beam looks cool in color, it looks more like the printer skipped a line when in black and white. Well I’ll post more about the project as I finish it. It’s due next Tuesday, and so far I’ve only started with the symbols. My symbol, btw, is the swishy Starfleet logo from Star Trek B-] The one, below, that is…

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PS — Maybe a list of 100 things to do before I die would be a good blog project…?? That was a rhetorical statement, of COURSE it is!
PPS — I’ve been hesitant to make a new theme for the blog, but now the LOST finale has come, I feel like it might be time to explore some other obsessions. Maybe… Star Trek? Fringe? I dunno… disc golf? We’ll see, we’ll see.

Top hated list – revised

My previous top hated list proved to be in need of an update. As such, the list of top hated things in existence now includes the following

10. Spy Kids 2

9. Nickelback

8. people who only solo on guitar all the time — learn something someone wants to listen to

7. death

6. suicide

5. Twilight series (including all characters)

4. Terrorists

3. Hitler

2. LOST haters

1. Angry ghosts

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"Don't worry, we weren't moving when they let me drive "

I just thought I’d share this little tidbit. Will and I found this picture a few days ago while perusing around Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Twitter (what? you think have something better or “more cool” to do with your time? yeah, didn’t think so). In fact, there are many pictures like it on Arnie’s Twitter. But it brought up an interesting/funny point for us I guess.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s a great guy. Well okay, I can’t say that for 100% sure, as I’ve never met him**, but I can at least say for certain he’s an awesome guy. I mean he’s done everything from modeling to bodybuilding to being a movie star to now a governor, and he’s done them all pretty successfully. However, I for one have never gotten over him being an action star. Especially as the Terminator. And I realize I speak for a portion of the public when I say that. And that’s not necessarily bad, in fact it’s pretty cool. Him as the Terminator + his accent = awesome. In fact, just reading some of his tweets and such while thinking of his accent are pretty great!

Now that I’ve given the backstory to this tidbit, we can get back to the picture up at the top of the post. You can click on it or click here to view it, it’s just Arnie at the controlls with a caption “Don’t worry, we weren’t moving when they let me drive” (try reading it in his accent!). Now moving down to the comments on the picture.

@Schwarzenegger – well you can drive anything right,your the terminator.less than a minute ago via Twitpic

That just made me laugh. And it’s not like there’s just one, there are many responses like that to just this picture, like…

  1. Alexander Travin
    si1verwf @Schwarzenegger – cool! it’s handled with only joystick?

    “Let me drive or I’ll be back!” 😀

  2. Mikky Mania
  3. Jun MakaDengDeng
    JunMakaDengDeng @Schwarzenegger – Governor LOL. “Terminator 6” Taking over the korean rail,Next movie. Easy on the controller LOL
  4. D Culjat
    lovinac @Schwarzenegger – I can’t do 55! Bring one home to CA with you! “Come with me if you want to live!” I love it!

this quote was brought to you by quoteurl

…just to show a few. And that got us wondering how much this guy must get stuff like that. He must obviously get it all the time. Does he enjoy it? I know I wouldn’t mind being known as a governor and international action star macho man at the same time. What’s he going to say on his last day of office? “I’ll be back”? I sure hope so, that’d be awesome.

Happy Trails and Namaste,

** However, my dad (an economist with FERC) has seen him give multiple talks on US and California energy, which is cool and also kinda links me to meeting him… in a not-really kind of way!

The Official IBU Review Board Reviews 50 Cent (The Massacre)

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What’s this strange talk of reviewing things? Click here to find out. (yeahh, that doesn’t rhyme!)

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Top hated list

This is the long awaited, much hyped list of everything on the planet earth and beyond that I hate (all items subject to randomly change)

10. Rap

9. when someone sneezes and you say “bless you,” but when you sneeze, they say nothing

8. Sony (especially all PlayStation iterations)

7. cardboard cutouts of people that are too realistic

6. Fish people

5. The Zombie Apocalypse

4. Lady GaGa

3. I spend all my time crying. (Cameron wrote that one on this list about herself)

2. people who type “jajaja” for laughing (I don’t care if it’s a language thing)

1. bananas

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So bogged down that you get NOTHING!

Lately I’ve been so bogged down with ideas for what I want to write about in terms of blog posts. That’s why I haven’t written any new ideas! I’m just so brimming with cool ideas that every time I start writing one of them, another one pops up and is just SO much cooler than the last that it takes my complete concentration and I can’t finish writing. Sorry, and sorry if that logic seems flawed… but it’s not.

Don’t worry, though! All is not lost! I have decided to bless you all with a single frame. Below, you will see a single frame of an awesome object:

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering how this awesomely nifty object/device works. The picture below shows exactly how this process takes place and gives you all the information you will ever want about it:

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