Angry Frogs? Really?

Immediately after posting the last post about Angry Birds, I was made aware of an app which just showed up on the Android Market named: Angry Frogs. This game seems familiar somehow. Now don’t be fooled, this game may bear a similar name as the famous mobile game, but that’s where the similarities end! Oh wait… no… no, that’s not true at all.

As Android Central asks, “Let’s see how long this one stays in the Market”

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[via Android Central]

Even my mom loves Angry Birds!

If you don’t know what Angry Birds is, then shaaaammee onnn youuuu! Even my uncle knows what it is! (whatever that’s supposed to mean) Oh, and if you really don’t know what it is, watch this:

It’s basically the most popular mobile game worldwide other than snake, and the most addicting thing since cream cheese! I’ve been playing Angry Birds for a number of months now, and I’m currently making my way through the Angry Birds Seasons Christmas levels.

My mom got an iPad for Christmas this year (yeah, I know, pretty cool!) and while showing her how to use it, I made sure to download Angry Birds to it. Basically she’s been obsessed with it since. In fact, in between watching The Princess and the Frog on the Netflix app, that’s about all I’ve seen her do! Almost as surprising, my iPad owning uncle called out of the blue yesterday to (whadda you know?) suggest she download Angry Birds!! So since Christmas my sister and her friend have also played the game, and been quickly addicted. I’m proud my family is an Angry Birds loving one :-)

In honor of this fact, I decided I’d post a hilarious Angry Birds fan-made video! It’s a little crude, but it’s a pretty high-quality video, too. It’s from an Israeli comedy show named ‘Eretz Nehederet’ (translated: ‘A Wonderful Country’). Enjoy!

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The first show

Violent Blue had our first REAL show last Sunday at the Rock N Roll Hotel in Washington, DC. We’ve had smaller shows at peoples houses and parties of friends, but this was our first real one we’ve had together. It was awesome! We played at 6:20, which is a great time to play for a downtown club. The place was pretty packed, too, with what looked like around some 200 people there. Thanks everyone who came out and supported us! It was also just a thrill.

In fact, there were only two bad things about the whole ordeal. The first is that it was and ordeal. We had to arrive and check in and sound check at 9 AM that morning, which makes absolutely no sense because we performed at 6:20 that night. “Sound check” simply involved us watching them making sure their own equipment actually works. To make matters worse, it’s located in a pretty bad part of town. As one friend put it: “Words cannot describe the awesomeness! Even though Northeast DC was mad sketch lol.” So we went to Union Station and hung out at the Post Office Museum (boooooooringggg) for a while, where I split open my ring finger (thankfully I didn’t pluck with it).

The other bad part of it was the sound guys at the Rock N Roll Hotel, who sucked. All our mics were down too low (mine was nearly off), Billy’s guitar was wayy too quiet compared to mine and Will’s, and they completely messed up the drum setup during the “sound check” that morning. Marty had to spend a few minutes before we played fixing the snare drum.

Other than that, the show was awesome. We played great, and everyone liked us. The end. Oh, until Jimmy forgot where he parked and we almost died walking around the sketchiness that is northeast DC late at night [ugh… >.<].

Will and I are playing a duet acoustic show at the Shoes Cup & Cork coffee shop in Leesburg on Friday, January 7, probably around 7 PM or such. Everyone should come out, grab a nice, hot caramel macchiato and enjoy our smooth tunes!

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P.S. – Billy’s playing a solo show that some newspaper woman is apparently covering on December 21, so come check him out, too!

New posts

… soon. I’ve been super busy this entire last month working on exams, then our show, filming, and now looking for a job. However, I’m back to update y’all soon!

Violent Blue plays the 9:30 Club

Hey boys and girls! Our band, Violent Blue, is playing the 9:30 Club this December 12 (Sunday after this), and the entire world is hereby invited to come! Go RSVP for your ticket over at:

Come enjoy/freak-out-over/support us at the 9:30 Club! Time can’t be finalized until Thursday before, so pay no attention to the time currently posted.

Tickets are $15, contact someone in the band to get one. We need the money for the tickets BEFORE next Thursday (Dec. 9). Invite your friends, invite your roommates! In fact, invite your family, random people on the street, and even your dog! It’ll be a lot of fun, hope to see everyone there

So head on over to the Facebook event page, comment here, email me, do whatever you need if you want to come. It’d be great to see you there! Now enjoy a picture of Marty, playing on something called a “drum set”

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Here on the desk… oh small box

Here on the desk sits a small 3in x 3in box. In it is my final art project for Design Principles. Completed in one 9-hour span sitting in Melchers last night, let’s hope it works like it’s supposed to in an hour and I wasn’t just dreaming the whole thing up. Oh, small box…

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