The coming of the theme…

Still workin’ on it. Thought you all could use an update. It seems weird, even for me, to get on my site supposedly devoted to the Hunger Games series and see [honey] bunches o’ LOST pictures. I get it, I’ve just run into some problems… as ALWAYS. I was psyched to get my theme up and running some sweet Flash animations. That idea has since fallen through. So then I decided I’d like a nice clean UI or homepage from which to view my posted pictures/videos, casting, fan projects, etc. I want to include a link to my photography/video cache. Maybe even include a link to previous info about LOST or my other obsessions. So I started updating my home page in anticipation! Head on over to the home pageand check it out! Currently it looks a little funky on a few Safari/iPad browsers I’ve tested it on. But as long as you’re running Firefox you should see it and think it’s cool. Hey, it’s only temporary so I was not about to put too much into it!

I was able to start a mini photoblogging site for my pictures. It will also be home to some sweet videos once I get a break! You can check it out at You can also click the homepage banner to visit it, as my new instructions point out! I’ve got it set up to post a new photo every day till the end of August. Hopefully by then I’ll have some more time on my hands to shoot some new ones and get some videos running! W00t!

Back to the Hunger Games train-of-thought: the new UI ideas fell through as well, though the menu has made a MENTAL COMEBACK IN MY MIND! Long story short I’m coming close to finalizing my ideas for it and such. Looks like it’ll use some .gifs in the place of flash animations for this particular design. I’ve never really worked with .gifs much before (mainly because I can’t help but think “1990s” when I hear the file extension), so it’s a bit of a learning experience for me! As a test I placed a fiery mockingjay .gif on the home page. I’m also going to put into use that slick Hunger Game countdown clock they’ve got going over on the Hunger Game movie site. That’ll take some flash coding anyways, I suppose. The blending of all the elements will really make the site “catch fire” if you get my drift 😉 I’ll keep you updated. If all goes well, I plan to have it up by this time next week! Exccciiiittteeemenetenetentent inDUCING, I know!

I even updated my banner up top from “The whole world stopped on May 23, 2010…” to “I’m workin’ on it, OKAY??” just so you guys know!

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Katniss is BA

I know this isn’t exactly a “new” shot of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, but man is it cool. Still my favorite of all the shots thus released. Katniss is such a great character, I really hope the team is able to translate her depth well. So I thought I’d share it with everyone!

Sam Jack Seal of Approval.

In other news I missed this photo from yesterday’s EW Hunger Games bonanza. It’s probably my favorite of the Peeta pictures so far. I especially dig it because it reminds me a bit of LOST. The way the quote in the picture is worded is a little bit silly. I’m trying to imagine someone saying it over and over in my head and it makes me smirk.

May the odds be ever in your favor,

Hunger Games cast and set pictures

THANK YOU ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY! They were the first to give us a look at Katniss a while back. This past Monday they named the Mockingjay Pin which Lionsgate handed out at Comic Con the “Most Essential Single Piece of Swag“. Now they’ve granted us the first movie stills + some sweet on-set photos! Below you’ll see two shots of Liam Hemsworth as Gale and Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. Until this moment I kinda detested the choosing of Liam for Gale. First, he wasn’t what I imagined at all. Second, “The Last Song”. ‘Nuff said on that point. But here I think he looks fantastic! And for those of you who were still worried about Josh Hutcherson and his dark-haired look, I hope these images give you some solace. I think the blonde look actually works and gives Josh a Peeta-ish hue. He at least looks lees kiddy/Zathura-y.

Dumb article name. Cool picture! Click to enlarge.

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The filming has moved!

The main Hunger Games filming has moved! They’ve moved over to Phillip Morris Plant in Concord, NC. This just in from Russ Bowen. Who’s Russ, you ask? Who’s RUSS? That’s like asking ‘who’s Brad Pitt?’ or ‘who took the cookie from the cookie jar?’ or ‘where’s Waldo?’ So you know, Russ Bowen is a news anchor on the 10pm news on MY40.

Lionsgate has moved to the Phillip Morris Plant to start shooting Capitol scenes, apparently. There’s a pic of the plant below.

Russ has tweeted a bunch of information regarding the shooting happening on here. You can see two pics he tweeted below from outside the compound.

Click to enlarge!

Click to enlarge!

And here we have some REAL breaking news for you! He just posted less than an hour ago this shot with the description “shooting at bridal veil falls again”. Hm… wonder what they could be filming here. Ideas?

Bridal Veil Falls. Looks pretty! But why here?

Pretty interesting stuff! I’m pretty jealous of everyone who’s working down there on it! Of course I assume Russ will continue to tweet on the filming. So it might be worth your while to follow his Twitter.
May the odds be ever in TRAILS favor,
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Hunger Games extras casting

I’m BACK… to posting about the Hunger Games! I’ve a LAWT of information to share with y’all on this fine day. First off is a bit of what I’ll call “continuous” news. So, Lionsgate is filming The Hunger Games as we speak (figuratively). As with any big budget movie, they are constantly in need of extras. Would you like to be one of those extras? Well… you CAN BE! Possibly. Allow me to explain.

Lionsgate is using a casting company named “Tona B. Dahlquist Casting” for its extras needs for The Hunger Games. They’re not calling it “The Hunger Games,” though. No, they’re much too sneaky for that. Actually, there’s probably legal reasons, too. No matter! “The Hunger Games” is going by the codename “Artemis” on some sites. Go on and check out the Tona B. Dahlquist Casting Facebook page here to see if you match the criteria for extras. They regularly update the page with projects and different types of people they need. Check out just two of the latest posts:

Click image to visit the post

Click image to visit the post

It would be totally awesome to have a spot as an extra in the film. However, I doubt I would fit any of the criteria or be able to get off work long enough to film somewhere further away. I also probably missed my chance since they recently moved filming from the East out West for the Capitol scenes. Ohp whoops! Did I just reveal what my next post is about?? Dang it. I should really be more careful about what I write here. You never know who could be snooping.

May HAPPY the odds be TRAILS ever in your favor,
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Poe Collector featured on Zelda Dungeon

Yesterday I posted about how happy I was with my new Poe Collector statue from Ben over at Fizz Man Industries. When I talked over some ideas with him we both seem to have thought the Poe Collector sounded really cool. Apparently we’re not the only ones! Zelda Dungeon is one of the most popular sites (and my favorite) devoted to Zelda news on the internet. So imagine my surprise when I opened Google Reader this morning and saw listed as the top post “Poe Collector Sculpture“. It seems someone tipped them off to the newest Fizz Man creation and they thought it pertinent enough to post about! I’d like to once again say “Great work!” to Ben for his sculpting, he deserves all the recognition he gets. Just a cool little tidbit, good way to start off the day! For the record, Zelda Dungeon guys, I don’t have a ruler as I’m not at home, but I’d guess it stands about 9 inches tall and it cost me $80. He may be ratcheting the price up soon, though, since he’s getting more popular. Now’s your chance! You can check out their post here.

Happy Trails,

Poe Collector

A few weeks back I got turned on to the website of a sculptor named Ben Howard. From his site you can tell me mainly does video game sculptures (he even won EGM’s art contest), though that’s not all. I don’t remember exactly how or what happened after I went to the site, but one thing led to another and I ended up asking him to make me a sculpture of my own. After discussing some ideas and pricing, I settled on a sculpture of the Poe Collector. Never heard of him?

yeahh... he looks pretty lame here on the N64.

He’s a rather obscure character even in the Zelda universe. After you travel to the Ganon-controlled future you can find this weird character in the ruins of Hyrule Market in the building by the entrance. He’s (it’s?) the one you can capture and sell peoples’ souls to. I was playing through Ocarina of Time 3D and just happened to think he was a creepy character, but that was really it. It wasn’t until I came across this picture that I decided he (it?) was one of the coolest, creepiest Zelda characters. In fact, go check out the artist’s (Lawlzy is his name) deviantART page. He’s got some really impressive stuff there. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy seeing a butt-faced cat?? (also his blog is pretty cool) Sooo… anyways I decided on the Poe Collector over Linebeck or Luigi with his vacuum thingy.

The inspiration.

After much arduous waiting… actually not much at all, Ben finished very timely and it shipped even timelier!… I finally got my sculpture last Friday. Sadly, I left immediately after opening and admiring it, so I didn’t have a chance to post about it until now. So here it is! Dun DAHH! My Poe Collector sculpture thingy nicely complimenting my Captain Jean-Luc Picard dude and tiny 5-Below Tetra/Goron thingies!

It looks awesome and I’m really happy with it! The pictures don’t do it justice. Ben posted about it over on his site (Fizz Man Industries, whatever that means :-P) and even put up a full gallery of images if you want to take a look. Seeing the art and sculpture side-by-side really shows off what a great piece it is. Even the toe is outstretched like in the pic. Not that Ben didn’t take some cool cues of his own, it’s just impressive! I am honored to adorn my apartment with its creepiness! If there’s anyone reading this who wants a supa’ cool sculpture, this Ben Howard feller has the Official Sam Jack Seal of Approval. *seal given* Go take a look at his work, it’s pretty impressive. The Zelda chess set in particular is what turned me on to his work.

Happy Trails,

The Hunger Games Music Project

It’s been a slow everything day. Slow news. Slow movement. Slowly burning to a crisp.

RealFeel = 131. Yeah. It’s been that kind of day.

So I thought I’d share with you all a bit of cool fan work from a little while back that some of you may not have heard of. It’s a project entitled “The Hunger Games Music Project” done by composers Edward Underhill and Matt Bukaty. You can go check it out here. What is it? It’s a wonderfully produced unofficial soundtrack for the series. I’ve gotta say: it’s really well done, highly professional work that really channels a lot of the emotion of the series straight to your ears. They haven’t released a hard copy or offcial digital download version of the soundtrack yet (they’re apparently still looking into that), so as of now we can only enjoy it from their “Music” tab or else on their YouTube. Still, it’s worth giving the whole thing a listen! Seriously, I wouldn’t advise something I wouldn’t do myself. As such, I read through part of the book with the music in background. I give this project the Official Sam Jack Seal of Approval. *seal given*

They’ve gained quite a bit of fame within the Hunger Games fan community as of late. They were interviewed on Down With the Capitol’s Airtime Assault, on the Fireside Chat, and even featured on the Official Hunger Games Movie Facebook Page! So how’d they come to this project? Well on the site, they state:

“Both of us were extremely intrigued by the books and, as composers, sort of naturally jumped to wondering what the musical universe of such a story might sound like…. something like this was just too good to pass up. It gave us a chance to find a new medium through which to tell the story and have some fun doing so!…. the books have a very human, earthy, and folky quality to them that seemed to point us toward American folk and simple folk-like melodies, as well as instruments that had a vaguely folky disposition.”

So check out the promo below!

May the favor be ever in your odds and… wait… no, that’s not it,

PS – I’m working on a lot of blog related things. Stay tuned~!

Mainstay Production’s “The Second Quarter Quell”

I can’t believe I forgot to post about this yesterday! Sorry about the lame amount of time conveying this important/cool news. Mainstay Productions has been behind some pretty cool Hunger Games news in the recent past. They’re the ones who last November released a short film tribute to Katniss and Rue‘s heart-wrenching the first book. They also released a screen test last February for two actors to test their chemistry loosely based on a scene from the first book. (They’ve also made some other cool content you can check out here.) This, though, is without a doubt their finest work to date! Titled “The Second Quarter Quell,” their newest short film follows Haymitch and Maysilee as they participate in the Second Quarter Quell (the 50th Hunger Games) as described in Catching Fire. For those non-fans, every year the Capitol of Panem holds a “Hunger Games” and every 25 years they hold a “Quarter Quell” and in… listen, just read the books and it’ll all make sense. As a directly related side-effect your life will be much better as well! In short, check out the awesome video below:

As a Hunger Games fan I’m pretty interested in their work. As an aspiring filmmaker myself, I’m even more so! Be sure to support them and let them know how much you enjoy their work. As you can tell, “The Second Quarter Quell” is really fantastically produced with some beautiful shots, tight fight scenes, great gore, and gorgeous photography. Around the 10:18 mark it really hit me how great and LOST-worthy some of the shots look. Love the crane shot showing the mountains (I even posted a pic of it as the header here!). Love the silhouetted mountains. Love the uneasy blood and quick cuts there. The opening scene confuses me a little. I suppose it’s emotional and introduces the girl who kills Maysilee, but it has nothing to do with Haymitch or Maysilee themselves. Ah well, it’s still cool! Go watch and support it!

May the trails be ever in your favor,

(See what I did there? How I mixed my two signatur... yeah. You get the point.)

Hunger Games at zee Comic Con of comic and the conventions

Lionsgate got the ball rolling on their Hunger Games promotion pretty quickly! After months of nothing but some casting updates and a promo shot of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, Lionsgate has finally put up the official movie site, released a pretty freakin’ cool “motion poster“, released the official poster, announced some little giveaways, and announced some special goodies for those lucky enough to be at Comic Con! And I’m… not really any closer to having just my simple site theme up. DON’T WORRY! I’LL HAVE IT UP SOON ENOUGH! I’ll probably work on it exhaustively this weekend, get some feedback from some fellow fans, then stick’er on up here. Get PUMPED, my fellow wanna-be tributes!**

Below you can see some shots from Comic-Con (all credit goes to showing part of the promo Lionsgate is putting on for the film. Currently they’re giving out replica Mockingjay pins to attendees (also below), and they’re supposed to start handing out posters to attendees soon as well! Anyone who’s there and reading this: go pick one up in honor of me!

Hunger Games at Comic-Con

Lionsgate is giving away replica Mockingjay pins... go pick one up!

Lionsgate also announced a “Mini Poster Giveaway Bonanza-fest-4-All-Ages (Ages 4-12 not allowed)”. Except they didn’t call it that at all. But they ARE giving away Hunger Games mini posters at movie theaters this weekend. Participating theaters include:

  • AMC Theatres
  • Carmike Cinemas
  • Celebration Cinemas
  • Cinemark Theatres
  • Clearview Cinemas
  • Marcus Theatres
  • Megaplex Theatres
  • Muvico Theatres
  • Malco Theatres
  • Rave Motion Pictures
  • Be sure to check their sites out to see how/when you can win one!

    I will leave you all today with one final non-Hunger-Games thought. Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse had a rather interesting exchange via Twitter earlier today regarding what most of the world assumes to be secrets regarding LOST. Most interesting to me was Carlton’s claim that “@DamonLindelof Once again: We don’t need to prove anything to anybody.” followed by Damon’s response: “@CarltonCuse We always knew and we can PROVE we always knew, yet you want to keep the smoking gun in the holster. WHY?” Hope to Heaven something comes of this mysterious conversation, because I feel rather… dare I say it… LOST.

    May the odds… ‘n’ such,

    ** Actually, it would probably be bad to want to be a tribute, as our favorite main characters didn’t even want to be… and all those who did (the careers) mostly sucked as human beings.