Hunger Games cast and set pictures

THANK YOU ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY! They were the first to give us a look at Katniss a while back. This past Monday they named the Mockingjay Pin which Lionsgate handed out at Comic Con the “Most Essential Single Piece of Swag“. Now they’ve granted us the first movie stills + some sweet on-set photos! Below you’ll see two shots of Liam Hemsworth as Gale and Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. Until this moment I kinda detested the choosing of Liam for Gale. First, he wasn’t what I imagined at all. Second, “The Last Song”. ‘Nuff said on that point. But here I think he looks fantastic! And for those of you who were still worried about Josh Hutcherson and his dark-haired look, I hope these images give you some solace. I think the blonde look actually works and gives Josh a Peeta-ish hue. He at least looks lees kiddy/Zathura-y.

Dumb article name. Cool picture! Click to enlarge.

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The filming has moved!

The main Hunger Games filming has moved! They’ve moved over to Phillip Morris Plant in Concord, NC. This just in from Russ Bowen. Who’s Russ, you ask? Who’s RUSS? That’s like asking ‘who’s Brad Pitt?’ or ‘who took the cookie from the cookie jar?’ or ‘where’s Waldo?’ So you know, Russ Bowen is a news anchor on the 10pm news on MY40.

Lionsgate has moved to the Phillip Morris Plant to start shooting Capitol scenes, apparently. There’s a pic of the plant below.

Russ has tweeted a bunch of information regarding the shooting happening on here. You can see two pics he tweeted below from outside the compound.

Click to enlarge!

Click to enlarge!

And here we have some REAL breaking news for you! He just posted less than an hour ago this shot with the description “shooting at bridal veil falls again”. Hm… wonder what they could be filming here. Ideas?

Bridal Veil Falls. Looks pretty! But why here?

Pretty interesting stuff! I’m pretty jealous of everyone who’s working down there on it! Of course I assume Russ will continue to tweet on the filming. So it might be worth your while to follow his Twitter.
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Hunger Games extras casting

I’m BACK… to posting about the Hunger Games! I’ve a LAWT of information to share with y’all on this fine day. First off is a bit of what I’ll call “continuous” news. So, Lionsgate is filming The Hunger Games as we speak (figuratively). As with any big budget movie, they are constantly in need of extras. Would you like to be one of those extras? Well… you CAN BE! Possibly. Allow me to explain.

Lionsgate is using a casting company named “Tona B. Dahlquist Casting” for its extras needs for The Hunger Games. They’re not calling it “The Hunger Games,” though. No, they’re much too sneaky for that. Actually, there’s probably legal reasons, too. No matter! “The Hunger Games” is going by the codename “Artemis” on some sites. Go on and check out the Tona B. Dahlquist Casting Facebook page here to see if you match the criteria for extras. They regularly update the page with projects and different types of people they need. Check out just two of the latest posts:

Click image to visit the post

Click image to visit the post

It would be totally awesome to have a spot as an extra in the film. However, I doubt I would fit any of the criteria or be able to get off work long enough to film somewhere further away. I also probably missed my chance since they recently moved filming from the East out West for the Capitol scenes. Ohp whoops! Did I just reveal what my next post is about?? Dang it. I should really be more careful about what I write here. You never know who could be snooping.

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