Let the fandom ensue!

It’s only Monday, but WHAT A WEEK IT’S ALREADY BEEN! The Legend of Korra pilot episode was leaked online (amazing, by the way), the Hunger Games film comes out in two days at midnight (going to see it in IMAX, of course :-) ), and now the reviews are pouring in for the film! And they are extremely positive thusfar! I must be honest, I was pretty worried about the film. I just [still] don’t completely understand how the novels can be adapted successfully. However, I have finally let out a sigh of relief *sigh*. In fact, as of now on Rotten Tomatoes, the film has 100%! Granted, not all the reviews are in yet, but below you will find some snippets from reviews across the interwebz!

“The Hunger Games, a vision of human life in all its nasty, brutish brevity demands to be devoured… The Hunger Games is an essential science fiction film for our times; perhaps the essential science fiction film of our times. Whatever your age, it demands to be devoured.”
— Robbie Collin – Daily Telegraph

“the camera does mostly cling to Katniss, requiring a Herculean amount of heavy lifting from Lawrence. She bears the load. Stoical or heart-on-sleeve, afraid or defiant, the starlet hits the mark. Factor in archery skills to make Robin Hood soil his Lincoln greens and you have Katniss as Collins intended.”
Total Film

“The Hunger Games is enthralling from beginning to end, science fiction that has depth and intelligence to match its pulse-racing entertainment value.”
Digital Spy


“Ross has done more than churn out a faithful adaptation of the book. His vision of the world of The Hunger Games is bigger, scarier, darker, and more political than the books ever dared to be.”
Den of Geek

I think we all know what scene this is:

“The most moving scene in the book becomes the moving scene in the film.”
Total Film

For those who compare it to Twilight:

“What’s remarkable is the lack of cheese. Tacky effects, corny dialogue and creaky performances are all shown the door. We repeat: not the new Twilight.”
Total Film

I will be with you all Thursday night — 11:59 PM SHARP — at theaters across the country, ready and giddy to experience The Hunger Games as we’ve been waiting to see it for what can only be textually described (in non-hyperbolic terms) as “an eternity!!”

May the odds be ever in your favor,

Donald Sutherland’s Hunger Games Interview


The more videos I see from the film, the more excited I get. I already have my midnight IMAX tickets, and I hope you all go and buy your own before they’re sold out. I don’t even care that the closet IMAX is an hour away! 9:30 PM on Thursday, March 22 I am picking up my girlfriend and driving there. It’s kind-of hard to believe. As we get closer to the premiere, more tidbits, photos, and videos are revealed. I haven’t posted many of the videos, though. My reasoning: almost everything I’ve recently seen has been behind-the-scenes footage and spoilery items. Although… now that I write that, I realize I’ve already spoiled most everything about the series in previous posts. No matter!

I had to post this video. PopSugar recently did an interview with Donald Sutherland (President Snow) which was finally posted. You can view it below or here. I can honestly say this is the best interview I’ve seen from the film’s cast yet. Donald Sutherland is a immensly talented, classical-feeling actor. That is to say, he’s the type of actor that researches his role so much that he almost becomes the character. So, hearing him speak so highly of not only the source text but the film and Gary Ross’s vision is awe-some. Not only that, but he thinks this movie can “awaken a generation”.

The film will include two scenes not originally from the book involving President Snow. At least one of these scenes will take place in Snow’s rose garden. The scenes were apparently based on a letter Donald Sutherland wrote to Gary Ross regarding the psychology and internal reasoning for Snow’s actions. I know, right? How quaint, he wrote a letter! At least big actors are still supporting the USPS (look! I made a joke!). He makes some very good points regarding the challenges in bringing the book to film. Specifically how there are over 30 million mini-versions of the Hunger Games film already existing in every reader’s mind, and how Gary Ross had to bring all the imagery into one. By phrasing it in such a way, I am suddenly many times more excited and open to changes from how I envisioned the book. The best part? He simply brushes off the issue saying that “no one” will walk out of the theater disappointed.

May the odds be ever in your favor,