Contact Information:

Phone: (703)4313872

Email: chasinglilly@aol.com

  • I am currently a sophomore at the University of Mary Washington.
  • I love music. I’m in a band named Violent Blue, and am also working on a solo project, as well as a side project with my friend Will. I play guitar, trumpet, and a little piano. Hopefully I’ll be recording more music soon…
  • I love to make movies and write scripts. My friends and I recently spent two years producing a film entitled “Island Wars,” and our current projects include an improv-sitcom-web-video-series called “Meet the McGrimmy’s” as well as two other ideas not yet mature enough to speak of here. Ooh, the mystery! We are also currently writing a script for a series that we hope to sell someday.

There’s a lot more to me you probably didn’t know! For instance:

I’ve 3 kids, ate a cheese once, broke 900 pushups four times, drink oatmeal like nothin’, practice abstinence with regard to eating Chinese food, protector of The Eight Lost Worlds, keeper of The Great and Mysteriously-Green-Rust-Covered Keys of Odin, transcender of worlds, undercover hitman, heart breaker, language speaker, rich salamander medicine salesman, beautiful man, turner of keys in keyholes, pogo sticked 3300 once – no joke. Also one time I ate a watermelon and kissed 90 attractive things. Then I smiled at myself and whispered “you sly dog, you”

And now for an alternate version of my about me:

In 1724, after returning to his home in Switzerland, shamed by yet another failed attempt to reclaim the British throne, Sam Rodgers embarked on an arduous quest to the British East Indies. He searched for a magical artifact called “The Stone of Glazbeno Čudo,” which had the power to cure any disease, as well as dissolve feces. 12 years went by without the slightest hint of it’s whereabouts. Sam had almost lost hope when he found a young woman who claimed that her grandfather had seen it. Sam easily seduced her and quickly found the stone.

As Sam was about to find out, though, this stone had an even more wonderful power than simply curing illnesses. When he returned home again, he found that his home, family, and all his belongings had been taken away and burned… all except for his late daughter’s guitar. What good was the power to cure diseases and stop constipation (by destroying feces) without a not-burned house and still-alive family? Distraught, Sam went into a deep state of depression. He grew fond of the guitar, and eventually decided to learn how to play it as a sort of way to embrace the horrors of his past so he could move on.

Still homeless and poor, Sam Rodgers began playing guitar for a small traveling circus named “Shiva and the Axis of Evil.” He stayed with the act, working hard, for the next 15 years. After a show one night late in December, a band of thieves invaded the circus searching for the stone that Sam was rumored to still posses. Seeing the thieves kill most of his friends, and knowing he was next, Sam did the only thing he knew would stop them… He ate The Stone of Glazbeno Čudo. The thieves, dumbfounded, took him captive and brought him to their master. The master saw the magnitude of the problem and realized that they would have to wait for the stone to pass through Sam’s digestive system until they could retrieve it. For the moment, Sam was safe from being killed.

Little did any of them know, the stone had one last trick up it’s sleeve. You see, the stone wasn’t made of the earth, but rather forged by magic. Thus, in the deep bowels of Sam’s digestive tract, in the frothy seas of his stomach acid, the stone dissolved. All of the magic that had once been kept in the stone was now flowing through Sam’s body, and he now had all the powers of the stone… even some he didn’t yet know. The thieves waited many days for Sam to excrete the magical stone, yet no excretion came. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, yet still no excretion (Sam knew this would happen, as the stone destroyed all feces).

Yet Sam did play guitar. He played it all the time, and beautifully. In fact, some would even call his playing… magical! It seemed the stone had yet another power not told in the legends: it gave him the power of musical wonder. No matter what he played, the magic of The Stone of Glazbeno Čudo enthralled listeners! Due to this new power, Sam eventually became friends with the thieves’ master (who happened to love Andrew York’s “Snow Flight”) and became a commander in The Thief Army.

After five years as commander, Sam took an army to Britain and finally reclaimed his rightful throne. But royalty didn’t suit the humble man known as Sam, and after 50 years he graciously stepped down from his post, retiring to his new home in Spain for the next 200 years. He lived in peace, learning and writing music. Then he moved to a small town known as Leesburg in the state of Virginia. Currently he is attending The University of Mary Washington so that he may reacquaint himself with the liberal arts.

His music comes to you now just as an endless melody would through the vast reaches of space-time. From this moment onward the musical pieces on his profile here will be updated as they are created. These will stand as a testament to the power of the great Stone of Glazbeno Čudo.

Enjoy my acoustic/alternative music playing! Hopefully it will make you happy! :]

Well I’m sure there’s probably a lot else but BAH it’s not like you care to read it and it’s not like I want to write it all out right now!

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