Hello, slow news!

This has been a week full of a lack of anything worth noting in terms of what would be news but isn’t because it doesn’t exist. Therefor we have some random stories all piled into one!

First up, Vanity Fair recently did a photo shoot with the cast of The Hunger Games film. You can see the main image of the entire cast below. You can check out the rest of the photos over at Vanity Fair. The photos are very well done, even if they’re the same scenery as most Vanity fair photo shoots I’ve seen… though I must admit I don’t know what on earth they have to do with The Hunger Games at all. I realize these are just promo photos of the cast in general, not necessarily related to the film. However, these types of shoots always seem pretty pointless. Honestly I’d like some more pictures of the cast looking grimy and bloody and in the environment the characters will actually be in. The photos remind me of Twilight for some reason, and everyone knows how I feel about that series.

Next up is some Peeta information. As you all should know, Josh Hutcherson is playing Peeta in the film. Along with the Vanity Fair photo shoot above, the cast was also interviewed by the magazine and posted some quotes on their site. Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss) had some interesting things to say:

JENNIFER LAWRENCE: “Katniss is an incredible character: she’s a hunter but not a killer, a 16-year-old who’s being forced into the arena,” says Lawrence. “These kids are killing one another only because if they don’t they’ll die. It’s heartbreaking.”

Josh Hutcherson gave some interesting thoughts on his portrayal of Peeta. However, I find his interview kind of funny. Maybe that’s mean of me, but I couldn’t help but laugh through the following quote. Particularly how he feels he and Peeta relate.

JOSH HUTCHERSON: “I literally read all three books over the course of five days,” he says. “My mind was blown by how much I felt I was like Peeta… a lot of fight scenes, very physically demanding. Jennifer and I totally hit it off. We’re both crazy people—we don’t hold anything back.”

Moving on.

The Hunger Games Fireside Chat (a pretty good Hunger Games podcast, go check it out!) had a contest to make the best national anthem for the fictional nation of Panem. The winner was one known by the rather obviously human name “Alex Pipes”. A Hunger Games musician named Sam Cushion took the lyrics and made a full audio version of the anthem. You can hear the anthem below. And be sure to go check out Senor Cushion’s bandcamp page, he’s made full albums of orchestral music dedicated to The Hunger Games, and they’re pretty great!

Panem Anthem by samcushion

May the odds be ever in your favor,

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  1. Austin J says:

    I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on the trailer that came out today. Thank goodness we only have to wait a few more months

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