Hunger Games at the VMA’s!!!

I’m back from my posting break!! I’ve got a new computer, other new hardware, and a new passion to… POST THINGS! Yes, it’s true. And there’s been a lot of new Hunger Games info that I need to keep everyone updated on. Yep. Because I’m the only source of Hunger Games news, after all! Now down to business…

There’s only one thing that’s important today. TONIGHT AT THE MTV VMAs A PROMO FOR THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE WILL BE SHOWN! Yes, you read that right. Tonight (Sunday, August 28) at 9/8c Jennifer Lawrence will make an appearance at the VMA’s, where she will introduce the promo for the film. This is awesome news!

So far only about a second of footage from the promo has been released. Some GIFs of the bit shown have already made it onto Tumblr. What little was shown you can see below. The general consensus is that the promo will include a bit of the fireball scene in The Hunger Games. If anyone has another explanation for the terrified look/fire in the corner, please let me know. If you don’t know what scene I’m referring to, I suggest you go read the book. Otherwise wait and be amazed by the promo tonight!

Some of you may still be thinking “Wait… a promo? Isn’t it coming out next March?” I’m still thinking the same thing, in fact. This is a cool/weird move on Lionsgate’s part. The movie is still being filmed, after all. The director hasn’t completely dove into post yet. The film isn’t even close to finished. I assume we’ll be seeing a very short promo of some scenes from their early shoots in North Carolina. That means we’ll probably see a lot of the games themselves, the fireball scene, Katniss shooting her bow at least once, maybe Katniss blowing up the Careers supplies (for a nice, explosive effect. Hey, this is the teenagers Video Music Awards on MTV. It’s gotta have some action, explosions, and kissing for the kids. I think it’ll be great. There have been rumors that Suzanne Collins will even be there! AH! Gotta find someone with cable tonight to watch!

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