Hunger Games posters – all in one place!!

You thought I was going to miss this, didn’t you? The sudden release of SEVEN new Hunger Games posters by Lionsgate featuring some of the main characters of the series? Yeah. Those. Lionsgate brought on some top-level marketing staff from around the industry to help promote the Hunger Games film, and this looks like their big push out the gate. The seven posters were released strategically to seven of the biggest internet outlets on the web. These include Yahoo!, MTV, Moviefone, MSN, IGN, EW, and Teen. No doubt there was probably some bidding or swindling behind-the-scenes to choose a few of the sites. I’ve always wondered how the marketing groups pull this sort of thing off. Did Lionsgate go to these various companies and say “hey, we want you to release this poster on this day, please.” Or did Lionsgate send out some sort of mysterious letter with a map on it to hundreds of companies, and those companies who found the buried treasure first got to keep it. Only, the buried treasure was just a poster for the Hunger Games. Or maybe Lionsgate sent out a notice about new media content coming out soon, only to let the bidding wars begin? There’s always the gladiator or minotaur-maze-method of deciding who…

MOVING AWN – you can find the posters below with links to their various sites of origin.

Yahoo! Movies - "When her younger sister is drafted in the brutal, televised death match called the Hunger Games, Katniss volunteers to take her place."

MTV - " any bona fide "Hunger Games" acolyte will tell you, Peeta boasts plenty of mettle without my meddling. "

Moviefone - "Gale is Katniss Everdeen's (Jennifer Lawrence) best friend, confidant and hunting partner." - "(This is a) SUPER EXCLUSIVE pic of Rue, AKA Katniss’s BFF during the games." -- Yeah... thanks. Worst description ever,

MSN Movies - "Cato hails from District 2 (the one responsible for mining and weapons), and he's been training for the Games for his entire life. One of the "Career" Tributes, he's one of the fiercest competitors of the Games."

IGN - "After winning The Second Quarter Quell and enduring the deaths of his loved ones, Haymitch isolated himself and turned to drink. But in Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, Haymitch finds a pair of tributes with a chance of winning the Hunger Games. "

EW - "(Effie is District 12's) tinny and willfully oblivious handler as they navigate the reaping and Capitol... She’s a wonderful comic turn of a role, with great layers of menace and vulnerability."

Fandango - "(Cinna is) Katniss's stylist, who designs and makes all of her very elaborate outfits for the games... His only distinct feature is a slight touch of gold eyeliner that brings out the gold flecks in his eyes."

Some thoughts about the posters:

  1. Everyone is facing to the left except Katniss. I think this is pretty clearly a symbolic choice regarding her character in relation to the other characters/Panem in general.
  2. Peeta looks so young. Even more-so than in the set pics released thusfar. I suppose he is supposed to be a teenager, though. Just as long as Gale doesn’t continue to look older/more mature. That guy just rubs me the wrong way… [Note: obvious shipping]
  3. Rue is the only one looking down.
  4. I always pictured Cato as big. Like, really big. The Hunger Games Wiki describes him as “[a] huge, hulking male tribute from District 2 [who] was not one you wanted to mess with. Nasty, mean, and unrelenting…” I pictured him basically as Thor when I read the book. A giant, obnoxious, cocky, strong muscle-head loser. Instead, here we have a young, trim-looking guy with hair so fuzzy even this random [kind-of fuzzy] cat would be jealous.
  5. Haymitch. This is the first snippet we’ve been given regarding how Haymitch Abernathy will look. Wow. He looks even younger than I thought Peeta would. I always pictured him as an old, beat-up drunkard. Given my last post, I know most other fans thought of him like that, too. I’m glad they went with a different look, though. He just looks so young, dapper, and… well-shaven. Especially considering what Woody Harrelson usually looks like. I’m going to assume this is Haymitch’s post-Capitol-arrival look, and not his falling-off-stage-drunk look.
  6. I was most excited to see the Rue and Haymitch posters. However, after viewing them all I have to say I am most intrigued by the Effie and Cinna poster. Effie in particular. Effie is such an interesting, annoying character in the books. As Entertainment Weekly describes her, “She is like your most high-strung, possibly dangerous, occasionally endearing relative at intense family gatherings. She needs everything to go just perfect or she could very well snap.” When I see this poster for her, I can’t help but think Helena Bonham Carter – in a good way. I can’t help but see some mish-mash of Bellatrix meets Queen Elizabeth meets the Red Queen. But that’s just me.
  7. Cinna’s character has always been one of my favorites. His backstory and motives are so interesting, I honestly think they deserve a novel all their own. When I heard that rocker Lenny Kravitz would be portraying the stylist, my first reaction was honestly “cool!” Down inside, though, I felt a twinge of “uh-oh” welling up. That welling is quite gone by now, and I’m excited to see him as Cinna. Can’t put my finger on why, but I think he’s the perfect choice.

Any thoughts? Comments? Ideas? Sound off!

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