Nic Cage and the Cages

There are some other projects happening at the moment here in the [tentatively titled] Super Best Friends group. Personally I am working on a new homepage for, which at the moment is disgusting. I am also working on a solo album, which so far has a total of zero finished tracks. As a group we are working on a revamped, more professional version of the McGrimmy’s, as well as a few spoof movie trailers. The movie series’ we’re going to make fun of with the trailers include National Treasure and Twilight. Will and I recently started writing a script for the National Treasure trailer, “National Treasure 3: Book of Secrets 2”.

It’s going to be great! And though the script isn’t finished yet, I got carried away and started making graphics for it. So below is a still frame of what the Nicolas Cage credit may look like. It’s based mainly on what I thought the credits in the past two movies’ trailers looked like, and it was made completely in After Effects. (click to enlarge)

Obviously it’s not done, but it looks much better in motion. Though the font annoys me a bit… Or maybe it’s just what the font says. Either way, the trailer’s gonna be awesome. So get ready…! Well don’t get ready too soon, we’re still in the scripting phase.

Happy Trails,


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