South Park Games

The new South Park season has started. The Hunger Games film is drawing closer. What better way to celebrate these two clearly related events than by combining the two? That’s just what one fan has done. Utilizing some of the internet’s many “South Park character generators,” Hunger Games fans have made South Park avatars for the book’s characters. I’ve included a few of my favorites here. You can view the lot of them over at Hunger Games Examiner. Can you tell which characters are which? I think comparing Gale’s rough-n-tough appearance and Peeta’s clean-n-artsy appearance is pretty funny.

You might notice on the Hunger Games Examiner site a lack of captions denoting which character is which. I find it fascinating that, even without captions, one can clearly tell which avatars represent which characters. Even the more vague ones without backgrounds like Haymitch. It’s a testament to the character writing in the series. Either that, or the representational power of the South Park art style. Given the choices, however, I’d have to say mostly the first.

"The Girl On Fire" (duh... Katniss Everdeen)

The venerable, completely trustworthy, completely un-bloody President Snow. Instead of thousands of roses, couldn't he have just used a bottle of cologne?

Our favorite drunkard. Mr. Abernathy.

May the odds be ever in your favor,

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