A symbolic project

This first project in my art class this semester is a sharpie symbol drawing. Now what is that? Basically, we have to create a composition, then draw the entire picture on a big piece of paper using 20,000 iterations of only one small symbol. No actual lines or shading, all has to be done with the sharpie symbols. It’s basically one of those dot drawing but with symbols but takes even longer… yeahh you get the point.

Earlier in the semester, one of our assignments was to write down 100 things we wanted to do before we die. For this assignment we were supposed to draw something inspired by the list. Anyways I made up a few mock-compositions just to see which one I (and the teacher, more importantly) liked the most. Don’t worry, I won’t scar you by showing you them. Long story short he really liked a little funny composition I had drawn of a made-up space battle from Star Trek. Yeah, I mean it’s a “made-up” battle in regards to the actual ones that happened within the series.
So I went to work, first deciding to take it a step further and create a mock-up design of what I wanted it to eventually look like in Photoshop.

epic space battle mashed-up from probably 10 different pictures around the webz

My ulterior motives for this were that in Photoshop, you can use the graphic pen filter to turn your picture into a b&w image shaded only by little black marks, which is exactly what I’ll have to do on the eventual sheet of paper. This was super helpful in getting the shading right.

Eventual output after more editing, color correction, and graphic pen filter

As you can see, the above image isn’t perfect, but it’s helpful. It’s also been suggested that I take out the beam of light coming from the city. I think I will probably end up doing that. While the beam looks cool in color, it looks more like the printer skipped a line when in black and white. Well I’ll post more about the project as I finish it. It’s due next Tuesday, and so far I’ve only started with the symbols. My symbol, btw, is the swishy Starfleet logo from Star Trek B-] The one, below, that is…

Happy Trails,

PS — Maybe a list of 100 things to do before I die would be a good blog project…?? That was a rhetorical statement, of COURSE it is!
PPS — I’ve been hesitant to make a new theme for the blog, but now the LOST finale has come, I feel like it might be time to explore some other obsessions. Maybe… Star Trek? Fringe? I dunno… disc golf? We’ll see, we’ll see.