Trailer 2 dissection – the characters part 1

Let the discussion begin! Discussion of what? Of the Hunger Games trailer, of course! Sure, we got the posters a while back showcasing what some of the characters would look like, but now we have them in action! So let’s make like the true voyeurs we are and stare! And discuss!

Here’s Gale looking at Katniss during one of their wilderness excursions. While the trailer does indicate the film will follow the book very closely, they have to trim or change some things to fit the time. We just have to accept it. The book lists and mentions several of their excursions outside the fence which introduce important story elements. I’d bet Lionsgate combines some of the excursions into one, or else introduces plot points in other areas of the story. My worry about Gale is the fact Liam Hemsworth is playing him. He did a Miley Cyrus movie before this, for crying out loud. I hope he can actually act worth Read the rest of this entry »

Hunger Games Trailer 2 finally released!

In case you missed the epic reveal on GMA this morning, here’s the second official trailer for The Hunger Games movie. I need more time to take this all in, I may or may not be hypervenhilating right now….

*Phew* Okay, my heart rate is slowing again. I’ll put up more detailed thoughts tomorrow, once I take some time to look through the whole thing in detail. In the meantime:

May the odds be ever in your favor,

Hunger Games posters – all in one place!!

You thought I was going to miss this, didn’t you? The sudden release of SEVEN new Hunger Games posters by Lionsgate featuring some of the main characters of the series? Yeah. Those. Lionsgate brought on some top-level marketing staff from around the industry to help promote the Hunger Games film, and this looks like their big push out the gate. The seven posters were released strategically to seven of the biggest internet outlets on the web. These include Yahoo!, MTV, Moviefone, MSN, IGN, EW, and Teen. No doubt there was probably some bidding Read the rest of this entry »

South Park Games

The new South Park season has started. The Hunger Games film is drawing closer. What better way to celebrate these two clearly related events than by combining the two? That’s just what one fan has done. Utilizing some of the internet’s many “South Park character generators,” Hunger Games fans have made South Park avatars for the book’s characters. I’ve included a few of my favorites here. You can view the lot of them over at Hunger Games Examiner. Can you tell which characters are which? I think comparing Gale’s rough-n-tough appearance and Peeta’s clean-n-artsy appearance is pretty funny.

You might notice on the Hunger Games Examiner site a lack of captions denoting which character is which. I find it fascinating that, even without captions, one can clearly tell which avatars represent which characters. Even the more vague ones without backgrounds like Haymitch. It’s a testament to the character writing in the series. Either that, or the representational power of the South Park art style. Given the choices, however, I’d have to say mostly the first.

"The Girl On Fire" (duh... Katniss Everdeen)

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Hunger Games fan fic

No news for you today. Today is reserved for something far more dumb.

This is a rather hilarious Hunger Games fan fiction I came across recently. If you’ve read the Hunger Games, you’ll probably immediately recognize and enjoy it. It’s awful. But possibly gut-splitting-inducing (depending on whether you actually have a good sense of humor).

You can read it all here. Basically, the author took The Hunger Games chapter by chapter and substituted characters, lines, and object for outrageous things. As a fan of the series, I think it’s a pretty great parody. IN FACT: In honor of this humorous find, I have decided to include a Hunger Games quote with every post. Today’s quote seems fitting.

“I pull an arrow, whip the notch into place, and am about to let it fly when I’m stopped by the sight of Finnick kissing Peeta. And it’s so bizarre, even for Finnick.”

Definitely not taken out of context,

Hunger Games filming has wrapped up

Have you been waiting for more “Artemis” calls on Facebook? Well TOO BAD. You can’t BE in the Hunger Games movie ANYMORE. But it’s for good reasons. So smile!

Lionsgate has wrapped up filming for The Hunger Games. Actually, they wrapped up on September 10. No word on what was the final scene shot was. They were shooting Capitol scenes at the end of July in Concord, NC. Though, I doubt they took this long there. The last shots were taken in North Carolina. Actually, most of the movie was filmed in North Carolina, not but a few hours from where I sit. But I didn’t make it into the movie. Why? Because I suck. Because I’m a dreamer, not a doer. Apparently… apparently… ;-|

All my dreams went up in fire and smoke. Kind of like this.

So there’s this guy named Russ Bowen. He’s kinda been a big deal ’round the Hunger Games fan community because he’s been reporting/tweeting on the filming of the movie for the past few months now. He’s given us pictures from the set, info on actors, and news from the rest of the cast. I’ve posted on this fine fellow before.

There was some talk (due to Russ Bowen’s Twitter) that Lionsgate would be doing some reshoots through October, especially in Charlotte, NC. Russ Bowen has Read the rest of this entry »

Hunger Games at the VMA’s!!!

I’m back from my posting break!! I’ve got a new computer, other new hardware, and a new passion to… POST THINGS! Yes, it’s true. And there’s been a lot of new Hunger Games info that I need to keep everyone updated on. Yep. Because I’m the only source of Hunger Games news, after all! Now down to business…

There’s only one thing that’s important today. TONIGHT AT THE MTV VMAs A PROMO FOR THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE WILL BE SHOWN! Yes, you read that right. Tonight (Sunday, August 28) at 9/8c Jennifer Lawrence will make an appearance at the VMA’s, where she will introduce the promo for the film. This is awesome news!

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Katniss is BA

I know this isn’t exactly a “new” shot of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, but man is it cool. Still my favorite of all the shots thus released. Katniss is such a great character, I really hope the team is able to translate her depth well. So I thought I’d share it with everyone!

Sam Jack Seal of Approval.

In other news I missed this photo from yesterday’s EW Hunger Games bonanza. It’s probably my favorite of the Peeta pictures so far. I especially dig it because it reminds me a bit of LOST. The way the quote in the picture is worded is a little bit silly. I’m trying to imagine someone saying it over and over in my head and it makes me smirk.

May the odds be ever in your favor,

Hunger Games cast and set pictures

THANK YOU ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY! They were the first to give us a look at Katniss a while back. This past Monday they named the Mockingjay Pin which Lionsgate handed out at Comic Con the “Most Essential Single Piece of Swag“. Now they’ve granted us the first movie stills + some sweet on-set photos! Below you’ll see two shots of Liam Hemsworth as Gale and Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. Until this moment I kinda detested the choosing of Liam for Gale. First, he wasn’t what I imagined at all. Second, “The Last Song”. ‘Nuff said on that point. But here I think he looks fantastic! And for those of you who were still worried about Josh Hutcherson and his dark-haired look, I hope these images give you some solace. I think the blonde look actually works and gives Josh a Peeta-ish hue. He at least looks lees kiddy/Zathura-y.

Dumb article name. Cool picture! Click to enlarge.

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