A statue of Robocop for Detroit

This is quite possibly one of the greatest/funniest things I’ve ever heard. Basically Detroit is getting a statue of Robocop erected. You can see the official page and read the full detailed story at their official page or their donation site, but I’m going to overview the now viral tale below.

Basically Monday last week (February 7), @MT (some random guy living in MA) tweeted at @MayorDaveBing (Detroit Mayor) a simple statement. The mayor then responded:

The best Robocop tweet-versation ever

I’d first like to state that Mayor Bing’s tweet was hilarious in it’s dry response.

And of course, with the internet being the way it is and such, a Facebook event was quickly created, along with an official donation website. And here we are nine days later. Within NINE days the Robocop statue project has already passed it’s $50,000 goal. That’s amazing, and a testament to the awesomeness of some people!

Granted, one of my first thoughts was “Seriously? They couldn’t have put that $50,000 to better use somewhere else? Clean water for some third-world country or such?” Then I thought about it more. And I began to laugh. Because it’s so stupid that it might just be the greatest thing ever!! Also apparently most of the donations were $1. That’s just awesome. A Robocop statue. Now I have a reason to visit Detroit!

Happy Trails,

(PS – This news is also ironic because I recently got Robocop and have yet to watch it. But now I definitely will. See, this statue is great! It’ll boost movie sales as well as tourism)