Trailer 2 dissection – the characters part 1

Let the discussion begin! Discussion of what? Of the Hunger Games trailer, of course! Sure, we got the posters a while back showcasing what some of the characters would look like, but now we have them in action! So let’s make like the true voyeurs we are and stare! And discuss!

Here’s Gale looking at Katniss during one of their wilderness excursions. While the trailer does indicate the film will follow the book very closely, they have to trim or change some things to fit the time. We just have to accept it. The book lists and mentions several of their excursions outside the fence which introduce important story elements. I’d bet Lionsgate combines some of the excursions into one, or else introduces plot points in other areas of the story. My worry about Gale is the fact Liam Hemsworth is playing him. He did a Miley Cyrus movie before this, for crying out loud. I hope he can actually act worth a crap, and he’s not just Lionsgate’s cheap knock-off of the Twilight werewolf guy (ie – just eye-candy for the tweeny girls).

Effie: “Primrose Everdeen!”

Prim looks exactly like I pictured her in my mind. No joke. She also looks relatable to Jennifer Lawrence, so +1 for the casting department. I included Katniss’s reaction in the picture because it almost gave me goosebumps. Jennifer Lawrence is such a good actress. In any of you haven’t seen Winter’s Bone, pick it up. She was nominated for an Oscar (TM or R or whatever).

Next we have the Peeta series. I included this one as a series of shots to show his various looks in one place, as well as to show the emotional differences visible at different points in the trailer. I was honestly worried about Josh Hutcherson from the moment he was cast. He’s fine and all, I got nothin’ against the guy, but I just couldn’t see him as Peeta. Weirdly, I did picture Peeta looking similar to him in my mind, but Josh Hutcherson isn’t even a blonde! However, after this trailer, he has me more convinced than any of the other actors combined. His emotion looking at Katniss after being chosen, his reaction to the country-side wizzing bye, his unsure look at the crowd before he admits his love to *mumble* are perfect.

The Capitol is… not… actually a character. However, it does look… interesting. Honestly, my first reaction was “looks stupid, and… yup, pretty fake”. This was the weak point in the trailer for me. Sure, it looks vast and kind-of cool, but it just looks like something out of the Star Wars prequels, not out of something as amazing as The Hunger Games. By that, I mean it looks vast, clearly computer generated, and lifeless. Reminds me of Coruscant, and not in a good way. To compare, here’s a picture of Coruscant and the Capitol together:

Yup... pretty much Coruscant.

Look for the conclusion to this character dissection in part two…

May the odds be ever in your favor,

3 responses to “Trailer 2 dissection – the characters part 1”

  1. hungergamesfan123 says:

    WOW!!! I agree with almost everything said! But I DO think that Liam will be great!!! Sure he was in a Miley Cirus movie but hey it was a job! His brother is amazing (Thor) and if he is anything like his brother he will be perfect as Gale. The thing I am worried about it Peeta. Josh Hutcherson is nice and everything and I have nothing against him, but he has not played a big role in 9 years and I am not sure he is ready to start again as one of the MAIN charters. I also pictured Peeta a lot different, but seeing the trailer does put me some what at ease because I see he might actually be pretty good and for all I know he is outstanding, and perfect for Peeta. I guess I will just have to wait an see how it turns out, but I know it will be amazing!!!!!

    • Chris Hemsworth was pretty great as Thor, I will admit. I definitely HOPE Liam will be good. Admittedly, I didn’t particularly like Gale in the books, so I’m a bit biased in this case! Josh Hutcherson was in The Kids Are Alright and did pretty well there. I am worried about Peeta’s acting, though. I just enjoyed his expressions in the trailer.

      Here’s hoping the movie is awesome!

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