Trailer 2 dissection – the characters part 2

And now, the epic conclusion to part one of my character dissection

Before we begin, I must warn you that this post contains more giant picture than any other blog post I have ever made. If the sight of large images of people causes fear, severe amnesia, cramps, baby lumps, or general vomitous confusion, STOP READING NOW. If you are okay with obnoxious pictures placed by a lone Hunger Games blogger just — *sobbing* — trying to make points, please continue…!

I present to you: Cinna. The super awesome *spoiler! don’t read!* secret-double-agent- *end of the long spoiler section* -also-stylist-man-o-combos! I always particularly liked his character in the books. He was the only sane part of the Capitol. He was the calm, normal looking voice of reason for Katniss. While everyone else had crazy hair and body changes, he only had golden eye-liner. And let’s be honest, that was probably just so he could blend in. He was the one who knew everything. He was the one who knew his fate, accepted it, and sacrificed himself. He was awesome. On a side note, I think Lenny Kravitz was a good choice! Weirdly enough, I also pictured him as black in my head. I don’t think the book ever mentioned his skin tone, though. I guess me and Gary Ross think similarly. (If you don’t know who Gary Ross is, he’s the dude directing The Hunger Games. People have asked me that. Get ITK (in the know), guys.) And moving from the normalcy that is Cinna to the opposite end of the spectrum, we have…

Caesar says: 'whaddup, homes?' to Peeta McGeeta Mellark (yes, that's his real name)

Caesar Flickerman, folks! That’s the man with sparkly blue in the picture above. He also has blue hair in the picture, though it may be hard to tell. This one is interesting for me. In a way, I like it, though it’s not at all how I pictured him. I honestly pictured him a bit like a clown. The book says he’s ancient, yet has had so much plastic surgery that his face looks stretched thin. That doesn’t come through at all in the images of Stanley Tucci portraying him so far. At least his hair is the right color. He’s supposed to be a weak, perpetually ecstatic person who’s face is almost stuck in a huge smile. When reading the books, I imagined his personality as that of Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter from the latest Alice in Wonderland. He had the exact weird, perpetually ecstatic, crazed, almost-brainwashed voice and personality that I imaged Caesar having. Even when the Mad Hatter talked seriously, his voice sounded unnatural, as if it wanted to say something happy. He even looked like he was trying to hide his age with so much makeup, and his wardrobe was undeniably Capitol worthy.

Johnny Depp as Caesar as The Mad Hatter as Himself as a Pig in swim trunks named 'Piggy-Wiggely-Poo jr.'

Thus, when Stanley Tucci says in interviews that Flickerman “is going to be just as you pictured him,” he’s lying. But he may still be cool! He certainly looks the part of a flashy announcer. Please note my perpetual positive twists — I really do want this film to succeed. But for the entire series to succeed the films need a very strong, deep, relentlessly evil portrayal of…

President Snow and creepy lady-man thing in bottom right corner

*Insert Imperial March here* The nefarious President Snow, played by Donald Sutherland. I think he was a fine choice… at least for this movie. President Snow’s character is so much more integral later in the series in ways that make me worry about Donald Sutherland. Really, he’s one of my least favorite of the character choices. He looks too stereotypical of a bad-guy and lacks the deep psychological twist his character had in the books. In a post-Dark Knight age, we demand our truly evil villains be more realistic, more human, more psychologically off. Especially when President Snow was written that way in the series. If you want to know how I pictured President Snow, it was as follows:

I basically took John Malkovich from Dangerous Liaisons (which — on a side point — is a story I absolutely loathe, but his character is great) and imagined Snow acting and looking like that. With bloody lips. If the film makers needed an older Snow, they could have taken the lower image. Why didn’t they listen to me?? Why aren’t Donald Sutherland’s lips bloody? That was his best feature! They’re so important!

There you have it! My preliminary reaction to the characters seen in the trailer. Sure, you could argue Prim and others were seen, but not enough has been shown at this point for me to make a judgment call. If you are wondering, though, I think Prim looks good.

May the odds be ever in your favor,

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  1. Austin J says:

    Donald Sutherland is a great choice, I think. Physically, he’s not what I imagined–I was picturing more of a Ray Wise type–but he is such a solid actor, and I just know that his deep, deliberate voice will be able to get into Katniss’s head just like in the book. Cinna is perfect for me, and I’m excited to see how Kravitz does. Thoughts on the new trailer?

  2. Austin J says:

    Hey man, I just featured your Hunger Games blog on my own site in a new Friday feature I’m starting. Check it out! I can’t believe it’s only 2 weeks away.

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